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Economics covers comprehensive topics- microeconomics that covers small-scale economies or macroeconomics that covers large-scale economies.

Issues covered under both the categories comprise of business and commerce, price, fund, efficacy, utilization, and production and many more.

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What is economics?
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Economics term is the sociology that examines the production, distribution, and utilization of products and services.

A focus of the subject is the manner by which economics operators carry on or communicate and how economies work.

Economics as a subject holds critical significance in policy formation at national bank, saving money industry, furthermore every organization needs representatives with rich foundation in this subject to comprehend the working of the business sector they works in and structure methodologies in consonance with that.

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The expression "economics" originates from a Greek word "Oikonomia" that can be characterized as management of administrative and in addition family works.

 Students these days are have a tendency to take in more about the subject. Be that as it may, the subject has demonstrated to harder than some other subjects in this field.

Steady with this, an essential course reading book distinction is in between of microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Main four basic ideas of economics

Although the studying economics is not very popular. But it does impact our day today lives. It depends upon the choices we made and how we made them. Here we will discuss about the basic concepts of economics that we all should know.

  1. Wants: wants are the desire of a person. The needs are different from wants. It is broader than need.
  2. Needs: needs are the basic necessities of a person. Like food, shelter etc.
  3. Scarcity: The concept of scarcity is faced by all the economies in the world. It is basically how to meet unlimited desire with limited resources. The deciding factor in scarcity of ay product in an economy is the demand and the resources available.
  4. Supply and demand: We can understand it with an example. Say the demand of onions is very high. It means you can charge more for onions. Due to this the money you made is above average.               So the demand means the quantity of good the customer’s desires to buy at a particular rate.

Supply is quantity of good the seller wants to give at a particular price. So the deciding factor of price is the demand and supply of the goods and services.

  1. Opportunity cost: Opportunity cost is what one gives up something to satisfy another want. The phrase which says “Nothing in life is free” explains this concept very well.
  2. Time value of money: Time value of money is a very important concept of economics. It guides us to do many things. It encourages us to invest our money to cope up with the market rate.
  3. Purchasing Power: Purchasing power the goods and services one can buy in one unit of money.


 Microeconomics inspects the conduct of essential components in the economy, including individual agents, (for example, families and firms or as purchasers and dealers) and markets, and their connections. We give best solution to all the topics of microeconomics. Our microeconomics homework help online is the best in the whole world.


Macroeconomics investigates the whole economy and issues influencing it, including unemployment, inflation, financial development, and money related and fiscal strategy. is among the best leading company in providing help with macroeconomics homework. We not only provide the solution, but our experts make all their efforts to help the student in understanding the concepts of macroeconomics. We also give macroeconomics homework help free quote to understudies.

Importance of the study of economics:

In today’s time economics plays a very important role in our life. It helps in solving the day today problems of our life. It gives knowledge also. The importance of economics in various fields of human life is given below:

  • In the daily life of people: We as human beings have manifold desires in our daily life, but to fulfil those desires the resources available are limited. By studying economics we come to know how to utilize the resources and what best alternatives to fulfil our demand are.
  • Optimum utilization of resources: economics teaches us how to do the optimum use of available resources. How to extract maximum out the minimum resources.
  • Management of state:  Economics helps to manage the economic and development activities of state affairs. That is why state politician must have the knowledge of economics to handle the tax system, banking system, for forming industrial policy, making budget etc.
  • For social wellbeing: The knowledge of economics is essential for all the social workers, because it will help them to understand and manage the social problem in a better way.

There are many other benefits of studying economics. Our experts will help you to understand all the concepts, so that you can have the grasp over the subject.

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AHT economics problem help service has been designed deliberately to help your certainty, interest and grades in economics. Contact us soon for your economics assignments! We cover almost all the topics of micro and macroeconomics. Some of the topics are given below:


  • Markets
  • manufacturing, price, and efficiency
  • Specialization
  • Supply and demand
  • Firms
  • Market failure
  • Public sector


  • Growth
  • Business cycle
  • Unemployment
  • Monetary and inflation policy
  • Fiscal policy

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